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VitrA | V-care WC pan

Technically Beautiful

Technology at your fingertips for a completely hands-free comfort focussed experience.

The streamlined profile of the remote control enables you to use the extensive range of features all at the touch of a button. Remote control features include seat opening and closing, adjustable spray, water temperature and drying options.

Integrated spray nozzle with gender specific natural washing alternatives.

Effortless cleaning and innovative hygienic design with VitrA's rimless (Rim-ExTM) WC pan.

Why V-care?

V-care sets the standard it terms of design because it looks just like a normal WC - no bulky seat or visible pipes. The seat is ergonomically designed and the electronics are encased in the body of the WC making it the perfect blend of design and functionality. The combination of the WC being wall-hung WC and having a rimless (RimEx) bowl makes the toilet hygienic and easy to keep clean.

The range of features is also extensive with adjustable water temperature and drying temperatures. The jet nozzle position is also adjustable and you can vary the jet intensity. The seat is heated and air purification is automatically activated when the toilet is in use. All the functions are accessible by the remote control making the experience virtually hands-free.

With two options to choose from; Essential and Comfort the V-care is an affordable choice for any bathroom.

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