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Bathroom Trends For Your New Design

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The latest bathroom trends and how to use them in your bathroom.

Are you thinking about revamping your bathroom?

There are so many new bathroom trends emerging this year. Trends that are transforming bathrooms as you know them.

Before you make a final decision, let us talk you through the latest trends and see if we can inspire you to try something new!


Before you start thinking of 1970s avocado or rust, hear us out! One of the most revolutionary bathroom trends in recent years is completely re-defining our reliance on the plain white suite. Grey, pink, sage, blue are the big contenders. They are stylish, modern and classy. For more examples, hop over to Duravit’s blog showcasing their new palette range.

colour bathrooms


Another major bathroom trend is turning its head on the glossy, white bathroom suite and bringing in a fabulous alternative for you to consider is the matt finish. Combined with the new colour ranges, the matt finish gives a fresh, original look that immediately gives your bathroom a new, fresh look.

pink basin


As an antidote to the full-on sleek, clean lines one of the new bathroom trends sees the return of the traditional bathroom suite and feel. Think free-standing baths, over bath shower systems, brass fittings. As you’d expect, they still come with a modern twist and often matched with industrial-inspired taps and shower heads.

classic bathroom


There are a fantastic range of bathroom tile trends to choose from in 2021. Large porcelain tiles are a popular choice as are tiles that mimic natural wood. If you’re after something more of a statement, retro style tiles are all in or coloured, high gloss tiles achieve a classy look. Last, but not least, you could also opt for replica marble tiles.

stone bathroom tiles


Talking of marble, since lockdown it’s purchase has increased by over 300% as more and more people want to add a touch of luxury. Other bathroom trends include the use of concrete, especially to compliment the industrial theme, and copper. Wallpaper is also making a comeback, and again adds to the traditional feel that is becoming increasingly popular.

marble and classic taps


Not necessarily an accessory, but radiators are big in bathroom trends at the moment. Leaning ladder and industrial style radiators are just two examples of how to create even more of a feature from an essential item. Hanging mirrors are also bang-on-trend and plants in bathrooms are being used to make our bathroom a relaxing haven.

blue bathroom

So, there we go. A little insight into the world of bathroom trends. Did anything catch your imagination?

If you’d like more advice, drop us a message today and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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