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Updated: Sep 2, 2023

At Bathart, we are always looking for new products for our customers that push the technological and design boundaries, and we are delighted to announce that the new Duravit bathroom products have joined the Bathart range.

Established in 1817, and now with its own research and design centre, Duravit leads the way in bathroom innovation. Whether you are looking for ways to make the most of your small bathroom, an eye-catching palette or finish, or would like to take advantage of the latest hygiene technoology, Duravit’s range has something for everyone.

Duravit Happy D2 Plus

Thanks to Duravit’s commitment to research and development, Bathart are now able to offer bathroom suites that include:

● A brand new, sophisticated matt range

● Creative layout for small floor plans

● High-tech features to improve hygiene

● Built-in, structured storage space

● Extensive colour palette choices

Duravit’s revolutionary technology bakes the ceramic of its product to create a barrier against bacteria. Their Rimless technology uses an innovative new design to eliminate the usual bacteria hotspots and a powerful new water flow that reaches all areas of the toilet bowl. Customers also have the option of the Wondergliss coating that ensures bacteria and grime cannot secure a hold on the surface, again increasing the hygiene efficiency of the products. Amazingly, their Sensowash Stark f Plus toilet also has technology that can be configured to open and close as the user approaches

and leaves!

Duravit Cape Cod

The innovation of Duravit’s range does not just extend to its hygienic features. If you have a small floor plan or require additional storage space within your bathroom, Duravit have this covered too. They are always developing ranges that make little bathrooms feel big. Their DuraSquare series for example, “represents the fusion of minimal design with subtly integrated storage space" - Plus, you have a wonderful choice of suite palette to compliment any home.

As you can see, the design, style and high-end finish is by no means compromised by the cutting edge technology. The Duravit range is pretty much perfect in every way.

Duravit Luv

Why not pop down to our showroom (based in Sutton Coldfield, at the Mitchell Centre) and take a look? We know you’ll be blown away and we’re delighted to give our customers even more choice when it comes to their bathroom design.

To request more information, or see our opening times, please click here.

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