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New: Sustainable Smart Showers by Elisa Bathrooms

We’re delighted to announce the addition of the Elisa Smart Showers to the Bathart range.

By the esteemed Elisa Bathrooms, our new range of smart showers is where ‘luxury meets convenience’. They have literally thought of everything to create the ‘ultimate bathroom experience.”

“Alexa, turn on my shower.”

The Elisa Smart Showers use your smart home system to manage your bathroom experience in every way, including temperature, water flow and time - using the innovative app you can keep an eye on your water consumption and even set a maximum consumption level.

The Intuition Smart Shower is perfect for every family member, with it’s advanced ‘feature-packed’ spec, and the Incite Smart Shower has ‘a welcome mix of innovative technology and intuitive operation’. Both showers come in a range of contemporary designs, to suit every style and take your showering experience to a whole new level.

Control at your fingertips…

The easy-to-use app can be used by every member in the household.

You can even:

● Set a time for your shower or bath to be ready for you

● Create a personal profile with all of your bathroom preferences

● Track time spent in the shower/bath and the water consumption

● Set limits to manage your costs and use of water

‘Smart by Nature’

Elisa Bathrooms are proud of their smart showers. They tell us;

“Elisa™ has revolutionised showering just for you. Our Smart voice-controlled technology, using either Alexa or Google, has been engineered into a range of beautiful and seamless shower controllers for the most exhilarating, personalised experience. Put simply, we have transformed the world of showering to reflect a smarter way of living.”

Powered by the innovative Smartvalve™, you can even set your shower to eco-mode and reduce your water consumption by 33% and do your bit to protect and conserve our planet (and of course, save your pennies too!)

Are you ready for a new bathroom experience?

Visit our Showroom or call 0121 439 4884 and take a look at the beautiful displays as well as the astounding features of the Elisa Smart Showers.

You will never look back!

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