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Minimal lighting at its best

Perfectly matched to work alongside Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire is our high-performing downlight giving you natural lighting throughout your home.


How does Zuma work?


Zuma Luminaire is an ultra-compact downlight fixture, which is easily installed into your ceilings. You can retrofit Zuma into existing fixtures, using your current lighting circuit and switches*


Zuma Luminaire works in conjunction with Lumisonic as a multi-room wireless system. This means you must have at least one Zuma Lumisonic in the same area.


Connect Zuma to your Wi-Fi network, Airplay2 or Bluetooth to control both lighting and sound from your phone via our app. Or use our new Smart-Bezel speech technology to control it with your voice.

Zuma Luminaire Downlight

  • Zuma Luminaire - Light

    Tuneable dimmable light with 1000 shades

    Beam angle:

    52˚ FWHM

    Light source:

    LED package STW9C2PB

    Colour temperature range:

    2800k – 4800k




    Zuma App or Voice

    Connects with:

    Wi-Fi & Alexa


    Zuma mobile app, and by voice with Alexa

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