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With Zuma you can experience high-quality surround sound with multi-sensory lighting in one device, removing the need for cables and large tech within your home. It’s sound & light in the form of downlights installed into your ceilings, discreetly blending into your interiors.Zuma has a best-in-class wireless multi-room system, allowing you to stream sound throughout your house or choose to play different music in each room.It’s simple. Use Zuma Lumisonic to enhance your home and through sound and light create the ultimate living and entertaining environment.


What makes Zuma Lumisonic unique?


Under the bonnet is a next generation HD-audio Class D monolithic amplifier controlled by a best-in-class audio quad core processor. Each channel is actively filtered and managed by advanced DSP algorithms to maximise detail and performance so can you enjoy a truly immersive sound experience.


Our bespoke two-way speaker system incorporates a uniquely optimised long throw 3 inch super formed aluminium cone. Every aspect of the woofer design and enclosure has been tuned and refined to ensure when paired with the unique electronics it delivers pace, rhythm and extraordinary detail.


At the centre of the Lumisonic design is our high-performance horn loaded silk dome tweeter that has been developed with ultra-wide dispersion for improved clarity and room coverage.


Wirelessly synchronised to support real room filling performance Zuma uses a custom wireless multi-room connectivity system that adapts to your environment automatically. This allows wire free immersive audio over an entire room with audio streaming best in class synchronisation (100uS).


With over 100 increments of dimming our custom designed high performance LED system is able to render 90 CRI with natural Warm to Cool colour range of 2800k to 4800k. Enabling an intimate candle lit dinner ambiance to a fresh morning workout in the gym.


Every part of the product is software updatable giving you confidence future needs and trends will be met.



Zuma Lumisonic Ceiling Speaker Downlight

  • Zuma Lumisonic - Sound & Light

    Tuneable dimmable light and 2-way DSP-optimised sealed acoustic audio system controlled by the Zuma app


    Sealed Acoustic Audio

    Built in amplifier:

    Class D


    75W of high-quality audio

    Multi room audio:

    Yes with Alexa and AirPlay


    Tuneable and dimmable

    Beam angle:

    52˚ FWHM

    Light source:

    LED package STW9C2PB

    Colour temperature range:

    2800k – 4800k






    Zuma app & voice

    Wi-Fi, Alexa, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay,

    Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Roon Ready

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